Evaluating Social Media Strictly By The Numbers

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Pay-Per-Like Campaigning: Evaluating Social Media Strictly By The Numbers

For better or worse, social metrics weigh heavily on determinations of a campaign’s success or failure. As they should, we’d argue.

Several years after marketers’ (slow, eventual) adoption of social media, the advertising and marketing ¬†community has evolved and now seeks every preemptive opportunity to ensure the success of a social campaign, despite that so many successful social campaigns are subject to trends, whims, and quite inexplicable motivations for human behavior. Still, the question of how many ‘likes’ one has looms heavy on marketers’ minds.¬†”Pay-per-like” campaigning is now commonplace, and despite Facebook’s best efforts to drive advertisers to premium, homepage inventory, the bulk of its revenue seems focused on run of site inventory best used to drive “likes.”

When we can quantify brand presence in these terms, we begin to compare ourselves against these quantitative (and far from qualitative) measures. This video from The Designists is already almost 1 year old, but poses the question in quantitative – and qualitative – terms of what a “friend” is worth. We do think it’s worth watching!

Measuring The Impact Of FaceBook from the designists on Vimeo.

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