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Our definition of “digital media audit” is: an exhaustive, objective, third-party view of digital media presence from a paid, earned + owned perspective. From this audit stems in-market assessment of your competitive landscape, and how to identify and capitalize on opportunities you may have never known existed.

A digital media audit should create the framework for innovation in your competitive area, and a roadmap to greater ROI for your digital media investment.


Using robust and rigorous modes of measurement, our auditing services offer insight into how to achieve your desired levels of reach and how to build online content that resonates with your audience. Going beyond the goal of driving traffic to your site, we offer unique perspectives on how to retain engagement through improved site UI.

Criterion Global evaluates your brand’s online presence and the quality of bought media against industry benchmarks and our world-class intelligence resources.

With the vast array of data available through digital media, traditional media buying metrics have become anachronistic for digital media strategies. We offer novel strategies appropriate for the evolving digital landscape

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As a pioneer of digital media practices, Criterion Global keeps a close eye on the constantly changing media marketplace. Our adaptive outlook and digital media intelligence informs measurable and meaningful marketing. Enjoy a sampling of our digital media insight and visit our blog to find more digital media intelligence.